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Special customized formulations

Developed under UN requirements, EN ISO 20344/2007, EN ISO 20345/2007 and American standards.

  • HI

    Fire resistant HI1, HI2, HI3.

  • Gamma rays

    It bears sterilization by Gamma Rays EN 11137.

  • Isolating

    Norm UNE EN 50321 of isolating footwear.

  • HRO

    Heat Resistant contact, test within norm EN 15090.

  • Extrem temperatures -30ºC

    Bending ROOS test UNE 59532.

  • ESD, antistatic or conductive

    we adapt electrical resistant to each use.

  • FO

    Oil resistant.

  • Special abrasion

    From 30 mm3, test UNE EN 12770.

  • Antislip

    It has been developed to satisfy SRC, SRA, SRB.

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“We specialise in creating unique solutions for each project and market”

Customized developments

We specialise in creating unique solutions for each project and market, we collaborate with renowned designers and the best mould makers in Europe and we also collaborate closely with institutions specialised in foot biomechanics.

Our design process is focused to get the most successful target on each product needs. Customer thoughts are on every step of development process to achieve the best solution.

We offer personalized service in almost all continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia, having as the major importers in France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Russia, China, Turkey, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Morocco and Tunisia.

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“Committed to innovation”

Permanent Innovation

In constant innovation we have developed different I+D+i projects supported financially by CDTI, ADER and PROFIT.

Nanotechnology for applications in traditional sectors.
Nitrile Rubber for security footwear.
– Development of soles resistant to the sterilization by Gamma Rays with high durability.
– Development of rubber soles to glue without chlorinated components.
– Rubber soles with non-slip and antistatic properties.
Easily recycled low density rubber soles.
IBEROEKA 14-794: Ultra-resistant multilayer material, ussing 2nd generation nano-materials and polymer blend. Designed and adapted to the manufacture of individual protection against projectiles and sharp objects.
EXPEDIENTE: ADER (FEDER) Nº 2018-I-IDD-00045 /CDTI Nº IDI-20190237. TÍTULO: “Reducción del impacto mediambiental provocado por las suelas de caucho”. Proyecto Financiado con las dotaciones previstas en los programas presupuestarios de la Agencia de Desarrollo Económico de La Rioja con cargo a las aplicaciones presupuestarias correspondientes en el Programa Operativo FEDER de la Rioja (2014-2020) y cofinanciado por el Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI)